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WellsFargo visa signature card

www visit WellsFargo com mynewcard and the card received the same reward as the promotion of American Express. It scored five times more points at gas stations, grocery stores and drugstores in the first six months and increased its cost by $12,500. If you can spend all your money, that's 62,500 cents.


After that, you will get a double point without paying an annual fee. With this card to earn the "distant reward" worth 1.5 cents, each one is to pay a ticket. If you are in a year to spend $50 thousand on the card, so the exchange value of each flight will be increased to 1.75 cents. And the Wells Fargo Visa Signature Card was independently collected by Points Guy. Card issuing agencies have not yet reviewed or provided details of this page card.

If you will get from the promotion of integral American Express with integral obtained from the visa signature, all the points can exchange tickets for 1.5 cents, if your visa signature annual expenditure of $50000, you can exchange the 1.75 cents.

Automatic combination for multiple cards

If you have two or two or more of the bank card in the Go Far Rewards program plan, you will not have to do anything to your portfolio of integral. For example, I have the visa signature and Wells Fargo modified Wells Fargo promote American express. The new advance received messages in the card, I logon my bank, where my new card has been listed, all the rewards are automatically merged into the same reward account.

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WellsFargo Cash Wise Visa Card

WellsFargo Cash Wise Visa Card

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