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By Gavin | February 17, 2019

I'm going to talk about the Wells Fargo cash wise cash back card, now Wells has been in the news recently for something bad huge corporate scandal, doesn't mean that you can't get this card. It's another the line of bank cards, so not a huge benefit overall in terms of the percentage of the rewards, but it's conservative.

Wells Fargo Cash Wise Credit Card

If you already have an account with them or you're setting one up, you want to have your credit card easily tied to your debit account, so you can pay quickly in the same page. It's not a terrible idea from a financial standpoint, no annual fee, which is good because you're not getting a huge reward pot here, and then introductory APR, and the balance transfer APR first 15 months 0%, after that it's 13.24 to 24.24 percent, and that's almost totally what we've seen with every other card, nothing that should really stand out to you.

Now for cash advances, the APR is 24.24 to 26.24 percent, again pretty standard balance transfer fee five dollars or three percent, and delay fee if you're silly and you don't pay on time is thirty-seven dollars, so these are all normal, you shouldn't really be concerned in terms of benefits. It has the usual suspects assistance with shopping protection, accident collision insurance, travel insurance, roadside assistance, no liability if you lose the card. Those are all solid things to see.

Wells Fargo Cash Wise Credit Card Review

The one element that I saw that's different from some other cards is they have the Wells Fargo Platinum Service Program, and that basically gives you a little bit more leeway if you can't pay on time, maybe you come on some financial difficulties, if you set that up you're not immediately screwed on missing a payment. It's good to see that.

We want to go towards an environment where companies and the investors themselves want to be responsible, did we say we want to make good decisions as individuals, but also the company should be encouraging that. It's nice to see Wells doing that, they are a good company, again recently not great news, but they are a good company.

They've been in service for a while, and you can tell why they're expanding so much, but beyond that customer service, again big company, you can have it hit or miss. I've always found Wells to be pretty solid better than PNC, I will say in terms of their customer service it's not all going to be perfect.

The best thing to do is try to do as much automated as possible avoid dealing with actual people because usually, they're the ones that screw things up if you have any questions about this do drop them, the idea is to ensure the more people in this generation are financially educated and independent card.