WellsFargo Cash Wise Visa Card - WellsFargo Com MyNewCard

By Gavin | October 25, 2018

Today we're talking Travel Awards credit cards, today's credit card is the Wells Fargo cash wise, Visa Card. This card won't take that long to go over, it's a Wells Fargo card, it's a pretty standard cash back card, so let's look at some of the benefits here.

She gets $200 cash reward bonus, that's after spending $1,000 within the first three months, so it's not too bad, there's no annual fee, so you never have to pay an annual fee on this card, so that's really good, the earn possibility here is 1.5% cash rewards, so that's across the board, so you don't have to worry about different categories, everything is listed, if you have to worry about getting three percent here, two percent there, 1 percent there, it's 1.5 across-the-board. Now if you use Android pay, our Apple pay, you'll get 1.8% cash rewards and that's in the first twelve months, so they're really pushing you to use those platforms or the Android pay, Apple pay now.

Looking down the list here cell phone protection, this is something that's pretty interesting, so if you use this card to pay your monthly bill, monthly cell phone bill, then you'll qualify for this protection, and this is mainly for if your phone gets damaged or if your phone gets stolen, up to $600, just the protection that you'll have, and I think you can use it twice a year, so it's up to $1,200 a year and a 12-month period, so you need to check out the fine print on that, because I think if you do lose your phone, it depends, you might not qualify, so check the fine print you get FICO score, so that's nice, it has a chip technology, so that's also nice, I don't see anything where it says anything about foreign transaction fees, so you might have to pay a fee for transaction fee, which really negates using it, if you're traveling out of the country, so that's pretty much all I have.