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By Gavin | August 04, 2019

What happens if my debit card is swallowed by the ATM and if your card is swallowed, do not ignore it, or put it in a few days, until you have the time to deal with it. This may not only endanger the security of your account, and may lead to stolen your details, may also be implicated in any dereliction of duty / you happened to your card after the loss of doubt.


ATM is a great convenience, but there are rare cases where ATM has the opportunity to swallow your card. But that's not the cause of concern. If you take the right precautions, your ATM card will soon be returned to your account funds to maintain the integrity of.

Wait for a few minutes

If it is a problem with the machine then it may well spit your card back out eventually, particularly if it reboots.So, the first thing to do is wait by the machine for 10-15 minutes to see if it spits your card back out.

Get cash and order a new card

You need to contact your bank to explain what has happened and order a new card. It could take several days for your new bank card to arrive. In the meantime, there are a number of ways you may be able to access cash until your new card arrives.

Tips For SAFE ATM Usage

  • Do not be one of those people who take their cards on holiday without checking when they expire.

  • Sometimes if there is an error during your transaction, your card may be ejected when the error resolves itself, or when the machine is rebooted.

  • If you are abroad, take your passport with you because they can use it as ID to verify your identity with the bank.